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Who are we? Tennisschool Improve is well known for its quality in and around Amsterdam and has been providing Tennis lessons at the Frans Otten Stadium for over 7 Years during the Summer as well as during the Winter. Our Coaches Waldo Jansen and Sander de Jong have over 20 Years of experience as Tennis Coaches, and their enthusiasm and professionalism are two of their greatest assets.

Tennisschool Improve provides tennis lessons for players of all ages, from beginners to advanced players. In our sessions we implement the latest developments in techniques and tactics. We also always make an attempt to focus on improving players' mental and physical strenghts as well.

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Winter Season 2015/2016

Still some free slots available for lessons. 

Tuesday 18.00-19.00: 1-2 players level 8

Saturday 13.00-14.00

Sunday 13.00-17.00

If you call us or send an email we will inform you about the possibillities.

Sign up now for our winter season tennis lessons! Our winter lessons will be given on both the indoor and outdoor courts of the Frans Otten Stadium in Amsterdam. In hour-long lessons we will use several training aids such as highspeed video recordings to be played in slow motion for analyzing all your strokes!

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